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Elisabet and Jan

We love to open up our home to family, friends and visitors. Then of course we love food, Elisabet to cook and Jan to eat. To meet new people is exciting and we enjoy learning more about other countries and cultures and love to share our knowledge about this wonderful part of southern Sweden that we call our paradise.

After spending our holidays at our summerhouse we decided to move from Stockholm and to build a new house on the plot were we had the summerhouse. The same plot as Jan’s grandparents once bought way back in 1935. Our house is in a very good location in Höllviken, close to all amenities that this village can offer but not more than 10 min walk to Öresund and about a 10 min cycleride to the lovely beaches by the Baltic sea. To have cities as Malmö and Copenhagen close by is an extra bonus.

We both love all sorts of food, we love to try out new things from different kitchens and cultures. One favorite during summer is of course a great bbq, out on the patio with a beer or glass of wine waiting for the dinner to be ready.

We love to buy our food from local farmers and cook and eat food from nearby. We have a lovely small dairy not far from here that makes the most wonderful cheeses. Another favorite nearby is a raspberry farmer, who makes a lot of fantastic different things out of raspberries.

Of course do we love to travel and to meet new people. When we travel we like to experience something new and different, sun and beaches do we have at home so that is not the primary goal when travelling.

Our family also includes three grown up children, today living in Dubai, London and Stockholm. We will love to have a dog sometime in the future, but for the moment it is not possible, we do work  to much. Jan works at SEB and has been working for different Banks during his career. Elisabet works at Lund University on the HR department, but also have experience from conference and restaurant business.

Welcome to our Paradise!

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