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Eva and Clifford

Eva and Clifford are a nice middle-age couple living in the picturesque village Åhus, in the northeast of Scania. We are delighted to welcome others to come dining with us.

The city is dominated by the Absolut vodka factory, and the passion for food and drinks permeates the whole city, as you can see in the link below to the right.

The passion altso inspire us to make Swedish summer dishes, some of them inspired by or has Absolut as one of the ingredients.
Our disheas mainly persists of different kind of meat and vegetables of the season, combined with influence from danish and other European cuisines. We love to barbecue, and one of our specialities is barbecued meatballs.

As soon as the weather permits, we like to eat outside, by the big table in our flowery garden.
We like to discuss and compare our society and country with others.
The man works as a journalist and with video, the woman is an IT consultant and project manager.
Our hobbies are photography, video filming and editing, outdoor living, our dogs of the breed siberian husky and exercise, such as yoga and boxercise, and malt whisky. We altso like (swedish) cars, and to drive our Ducati motorcycle and can give a lot of suggestions of fantastic roads in the south of Sweden.
Additionally, we like to meet new people and share experiences and a good laugh!

So make yourself welcome!

Tillbaka Upp

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