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Ninna and Bo

Most welcome to our home for a Swedish dinner and a pleasant evening with us. We, Bo and Ninna, look very much forward to have you as our guests. Hopefully we can sit out in the afternoon sun on our veranda and eat or just leisure after dinner. We are greatly interested in meeting people from other countries and cultures and possibly find new friends.

We have a keen interest in cooking and gardening even though our garden takes longer to makeover than the interior of our house. We also grow some herbs, tomatoes and chilies. The chilies are either used as they come or minced into a fine powder mix based on different kinds of chilies. If you are up to it we can create a really spicy dish or more moderate ones to your choice. We of course serve local dishes with locally produced meat and groceries.

Our neighbourhood have a lot of interesting opportunities with an art museum, on season a live Viking museum with active Viking clad enthusiasts, an amber museum where amber art and jewellery can be bought and a great shore for leisure and swimming.

We are a newly married couple that have started all over and a few years back moved to where we live right now.

We have made a total home makeover and are especially proud over our spacy kitchen where we will cook your dinner, together if you like.

About us: We are born in the early 50’s and our children have moved out. Bo is working in Denmark as manager and supervisor in a medical production facility while Ninna has a background in manager and relations training for large companies. On free time we play golf or spend time in the nature fishing, picking mushrooms, backpacking and traveling to exotic places as last year when we went on safari to Tanzania. The picture is taken in a jungle in Thailand. Apart from Swedish we also speak English and some German.

If you play golf we recommend either Trelleborgs GK, Söderslätts GK or Vellinge GK. We play on them all. If you want to we can start early in the day with a joint golf round before it is time for preparation of dinner. Our handicaps are 23 and 28.

You can borrow bicycles, if you want, to find your way around and for instance visit the shore, one of Sweden’s finest.

We can take as much as five visitors, but no pets and smoking is only allowed outdoors.

Welcome to our home

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Tillbaka Upp

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