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The Janson Thorfinn Family

Welcome to our home! We are an easygoing and hospitable family of four living in a cosy 1920’s house in a central but calm neighbourhood of Malmö. Here you will meet Julia, a journalist and communications consultant; Daniel, an emergency physician; three-year-old Edvard; and little baby Frans.

We are openminded and generally curious about life, culture and other people. Friends and family often visit to share a meal, enjoy a glass of wine, some conversation on anything from cooking, gardening and arts to soccer, science or politics – or just a good laugh.

I, Julia, am the chef of the house. The food I serve is contemporary Swedish, sometimes with an exotic or experimental twist. Although without formal training, my genuine interest in the culinary arts even made it possible to make a living as a chef before I decided to persue another professional career. Baking is another passion of mine, so Swedish fika can also be made available.

You are welcome for lunch or dinner – weather permitting, we will enjoy the meal in the lovely garden behind the house. We can accomodate parties of up to six persons.

We love travelling and have during the years trekked in the Gobi desert of Mongolia, climbed the Kilimanjaro, met mountain gorillas in the misty mountains of Rwanda, snorkelled with whale sharks in Tanzania, cuddled with lemurs in Madagascar, spotted howler monkeys in the Amazon jungle and swam with turtles and sea lions in the Galapagos Islands.

But no matter what corner of the world we have visited, the highlight of the trip has often been meeting local people and seeing how they go about their daily life. That is why we are excited to welcome travellers visiting Skåne and Sweden into our home, sharing a little bit of our daily life with you. We speak English and understand a little bit of German and French.

We look forward to meet you!

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