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The Swanholm Family

We are looking forward to meeting guests who would like to meet a busy, enthusiastic, messy, outgoing family who care about great food of good quality and local traditions. Besides a typical Swedish meal we can provide you with suggestions about where to golf, what to see in Copenhagen, where to go on a motorbike, what to do in our area with kids, where the best (food) shops are in Malmö. And of course a tour on the trampoline! Welcome to the Swanholms!

We are a family of four. Linus is 5 and loves to ride his bicycle, takes to circus classes and claims that he can do even cooler dance moves than Michael Jackson. AND he can eat a million Swedish mini-pancakes (plättar). Simon is turning 8 this summer. He loves hiking in the forest, superheroes and Swedish sticky chocolate cake (Kladdkaka). This fall he wants to attend Michael Jackson dance classes and basketball. Joakim is 47 and works as a Supply Chain Solution Manager at Subaru. He miss spending time with his Harley that lives a lonely life in our garage, loves to practice his golf swing and adds lingonberries or Swedish sweet mustard on just about anything. Theresia is 42 and works as a fundraiser for a humanitarian organization. She is the biggest food nerd in the family. As long as she can cook, eat, buy or read or write about food she is pretty content. She is also half Danish and can give you all the best tips of what to see in Copenhagen as well.

We live in a cozy townhouse built in the late 50’s. We love when we manage to find a piece of furniture or design detail that is from the same “historical period”. It is only a 20 minute bus or bike ride from the very center of Malmö.

The house has a south-facing small garden (that is longing for someone with green fingers) where we love to have our meals in the summer sun. It is surrounded by green areas and loads of bike lanes. Do not be surprised if a “gang” of 5-10 neighborhood kids swisch by the garden and hop of their bikes to make a stop on our trampoline or to fill up their water gun bazookas. Once they are gone again we have a lovely sunset to enjoy from our little roof terrace.

We try to think about what we eat. Locally produced, seasonal, biodynamic and quality are factors that matter when we shop and plan our food. Intentions are one thing though and sometimes reality catches up with you. And the woman who swore that she would not serve her children ready-made-deep frozen meet balls has done just that… at more than one occasion! But our kids prefer the homemade version! Made from deer, served with a thyme juniper gravy, mashed potatoes, and lingonberries.

I have my own blog where I write about Swedish and Danish food and differences between the food cultures in the two countries. It is written in Swedish and Danish but if you do not understand feel free to take a look at the pictures. www.oresunt.wordpress.com. If you have any special idea of what particular kind of food that you would like to try while in Sweden – please let us know. Or if you have allergies or prefer vegetarian food. In our home we speak swedish, danish, english and a tiny little bit of german. Visiting us you are welcome to enjoy dinner or if it suits your plans better, a weekend lunch or typical Swedish ”fika”.

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