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The Three Friends

We are Annika, Fredrik and Henrik – three friends who welcomes you to Malmö! When you come to our place for dinner we will serve mostly vegetarian dishes and fish or seafood. We live in central parts of the city and we know a lot about what is going on and where all the beautiful places can be found. We are all in our thirties and we like to meet new people and make the most out of life.

Annika and Fredrik lives together and it’s in their apartment we will meet for dinner. Fredrik and Henrik share a deep interest for food and along with Henrik’s experiences from chef school they make a great team in getting a nice dinner together. We all believe in the importance of cooking from ecologically and/or nearby grown commodities and we don’t eat red meat. That is our way of contributing to a better environment.

Annika’s specialty is the cultural life of Malmö. Art, music, theatre and movies is all of interest. Having a nice stroll through the city and make a long stop at a café or a restaurant is something that happens quite often.

So if you want to have more nice food experiences during your stay in Malmö you can always try some of our favourite places.

Fredrik is a happy guy and except from his interest in food, Fredrik is also a big fan of sports. In the autumn when there is mushrooms in the forest you most certainly will find Fredrik picking as much as he can find. That goes for berries as well!

Henrik is interested in gardening and how to take care of old houses. In Malmö he lives in an apartment but he has a house about northwest from Stockholm. Henrik share a big interest for culture with Annika, and due to his Finnish roots he has a special thing for Finnish music and movie directors.

We hope to have you for dinner and we look forward to meet you!

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