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D travel´s around visited us while having her vacation in Sweden!

Do read her story about meeting Oskar!

LL World Tour met with us!


Travel with Simply Sweden and visit Skåne!


A crayfish party in Skåne with A slice of Swedish Hospitality!


From the London Metro, 30th of May 2012!

In Metro there were a whole page of what to do in Malmö, a travel escape article with title: ”A design for green living in a stylish city”. ”A slice of Swedish Hospitality” had the headline ”Experience” with following text:
”A slice of Swedish Hospitality is a network of Malmö locals who open their homes to visitors for dinner. The scheme has been developed by local resident Maria Klitte as a way for visitors to experience the ”real” Malmö, asking any questions about Sweden and its culture while enjoying a traditional, home- cooked meal. A rage of host households varying in age and tastes are available across a board range of city locations, all accessible via public transport.” / Polly Humphris, travel@ukmetro.co.uk

Stylist and Lauren!

Lauren wrote following about ”A slice of Swedish Hospitality”:
”The following night we had a more unusual, but equally entertaining experience courtesy of A slice of Swedish Hospitality. This unique scheme allows tourists to dine at a local’s house – and whilst we were a tad nervous when we turned up at a stranger’s house, we needn’t have worried – our host Mia was more than accommodating, serving us a delicious meal of Swedish cheese, salmon, salad and potatoes, a rhubarb crumble, and rather a lot of Swedish beer and wine. We hit it off so strongly we ended up staying until midnight, tipsily You-tubing funny videos (turns out the allure of cats doing stupid things and ‘Dick in a Box’ is universal). I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get a whole load of insider advice on a destination (but wouldn’t advise the slightly drunken cycle home).”

Easy Living and Tori Kingdon!

Tory wrote this about the concept:
”Another great option is to enjoy A slice of Swedish Hospitality, a great scheme which allows you to spend the evening being entertained by local families or friends in their own homes.”

Monica Scott and TravMonkey!

Travel blogger writing for TravMonkey, a highly influential travel blog. Monica is also writing for the Huffington Post UK which attracted over 1 million users in its first month. Monica has been writing an article for TravMonkey about “ Swedish hospitality “ – A winter break in Sweden.
”The Swedish Super Club is a new initiative to help visitors understand Swedish culture and cuisine. Local people invite tourists into their homes for dinner and you will end up sharing much more than just a meal. You will get to know the family and learn more about the Swedish way of life. We had a delicious three course meal with a family in Malmö where we enjoyed traditional dishes like meatballs and pickled herring, all washed down with plenty of schnapps and singing.”

Chris Richardson writing for the Budget Traveler!

Blogger for Aussie Nomad, an Australian’s guide to the world with a key emphasis on Europe and discovering something a little different. Chris is listed in the top 100 most influential travel bloggers in the world and frequently leads talks across the globe on successful blogging and travel destinations. Chris has been writing an article for Budget Traveler- See the world on a shoestring.

Abigail King!

Abigail is a prominent blogger and journalist, being an expert speaker at travel writing and blogging events across the world, recently named by Lonely Planet Magazine as the best travel blogger in the world, Inside The Travel Lab is also listed in the Independent newspapers top 100 travel websites. This is what she wrote:
”After a morning of sugary hedonism, we spent the evening celebrating Advent Sunday with locals in their home, a fascinating and waistline expanding experience I’ll never forget. Apparently, even grandmothers down schnapps on Advent Sunday in Sweden… And there’s really no better place than to discuss the ins and outs of press trips than after some herbal Advent schnapps…”

Tillbaka Upp

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